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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Signing books surrounded by donations for SafePlace

The cake I didn't get to try. It was red velvet!

Brooklyn, my lovely trailer actress.

My fellow Washington Author Peeps: Marissa Meyer, me, Daniel  Marks, Megan Bostic, Kiki Hamilton and J. Anderson Coats.

Fabulous books donated for the raffle.
I have had a lot of really great days in my life; high school graduation, my wedding, the birth of each of my four kids, but I have to say, today ranked among the best days of my life. Today I celebrated the launch of BREAKING BEAUTIFUL at Fireside Bookstore in Olympia. I was surrounded by my husband, my kids, my baby brother and his family and many many of my friends and fellow writers.

Thomasina talking about SafePlace
The store completely SOLD OUT of my books. There was food and cake and I got to talk about my book and sign and sign and sign. It was all kind of surreal and amazing.

I also collected donations and money for a wonderful local women's shelter, SafePlace. Thank you to Thomasina for coming in to talk about the shelter and thank you to SafePlace for all the work they do. Thank you to my publisher, Walker/Bloomsbury and my agency, Nelson Literary, for providing books for the raffle for SafePlace.

My happy teen helpers!
I only had a few regrets 1) I didn't get to talk to anyone very long. 2) I was so busy signing books that I didn't get to try the beautiful cake I got from Wagner's Bakery. (Apparently my sixteen-year-old son took the last piece. 3) I didn't get any pictures with my husband, my kids, my brother or many of my friends who were there. 4) I wish I had brought some kind of sign-in book so I would always remember who was there.

Overall though, it was truly one of the best days of my life. A dream I have had for so long finally came true.

Thank you to all who helped with my launch party; my husband David, my kids David the Younger, Sabrina, Zach and Daniel, special helpers Elizabeth, Chelsie, Monica, Ashlyn, Dallin, Jennifer and so many others. A huge thank you to Jane at Fireside Bookstore and her husband Ed for making this such a lovely night. I am truly blessed!
My fabulous red shoes and Daniel Marks, um, lovely red shoelaces.


  1. Looks like a fabulous party!!! Wish I could have been there. So excited to read your book. Congratulations Jennifer!

  2. That party looks amazing. You look gorgeous! I wish I could have been there.

  3. Oh man! Where have I been? I had no idea your launch was in Olympia! I'm so close! I would have gone. Any more planned for Washington?

    I'm so happy for you. I'm dreaming of that day for myself, so I love to see others obtain their publishing goals. Very encouraging! :)

  4. Oh Great event. The cake looks so yami!!
    Congrats Jennifer! Best wishes

  5. The shoes! Fantastic touch! And congratulations in a big way for finally seeing all of your hard work (understatement) pay off. I'm so happy for you and really look forward to reading your book (I've already recommended it on facebook and know at least 4 people in 4 different states who are now interested in reading it). You're awesome! Congrats again!

  6. More than awesome, Jennifer!!!! THIS ROCKS!!!