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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Year EVER!!!

I’m back! And I can see!

If you go back to Decmber 21st, you will recall that my eye surgery had the unexpected side effect of leaving me pretty blind for two weeks. Luckily, I’m now back in my contacts and seeing quite well. Thanks to the surgery, I can actually see more! The world is brighter and I'm more grateful for my eyesight than ever. It's honestly amazing to me that I can see the tiny letters as I type on the screen.

Unfortunately, my eye issues messed up all my grand plans for my blog. I was working on another short story gift that I wasn’t able to finish in time for Christmas. I’ll put it up next year, I promise. Maybe I can come up with something for Valentine's Day.

For today I wanted to take a minute to revel in one thing…

IT'S 2012!!!

And that means, my debut novel BREAKING BEAUTIFUL comes out THIS YEAR. JUADSOL!!! (Jumping up and down, screaming out loud!)

I don’t think I’ve anticipated a year this much since 1992 when I graduated from high school. (Yes, that was, gulp, twenty years ago.) I was so excited about 2012 that I wrote the date as 2012 several times last year. I was willing to skip 2011 altogether. BUT I’m glad I didn’t, during 2011 I joined the Apocalysises and the Class of 2k12, I met so many equally crazy authors, so many great books came out in 2011, so many great things happened, and frankly I wasn’t ready for my book to come out last year, but still I’m glad it’s finally here.

My book releases in April and there is still SO MUCH TO DO! I’m giddy with excitement alternating with waves of panic, but if my last-last-most-anticipated year twenty years ago is any indication of the future, this year is GOING TO ROCK!

Happy New Year to all of my friends in the Apocalypsies, and the Class of 2k12 and everyone else who will be experiencing the thrill of holding a book with your name on it for the first time this year. And to everyone else out there, I encourage you to follow your dreams and do what it takes to make 2012 the best year ever!