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Wednesday, September 11, 2013



My book trailer for DEAD GIRLS DON'T LIE is blasting across the internet on 116 different blogs!!!

This is the kick-off event for the blog tour that will lead up to (and beyond) the official release of  DEAD GIRLS DON'T LIE next week.

How YOU can get involved:

For easy entries for the Trailer Blast contest go to Book Nerds Tours. Or go to one of the blogs featuring my trailer:

If you live in Western Washington or want to come all the way here for a signed book and some really good cake you can come to my launch party at the Olympia Barnes and Noble at 7:00 on September 17th. (I promise the cake alone is worth the trip.)

While you contemplate the drive or look into plane tickets, you can celebrate with me by watching my trailer here or on one of the other blogs.

I'm so thrilled with how it came out! Thanks to my photographer and husband, David, the modeling talents of Annika, Sally, and Wyatt and the voice talents of Sabrina and Silem.