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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exciting News and Contest Winners!

Every once in a while I need to deviate from my usual blog format to talk about me! (C'mon, it is my blog.) So instead of a book review I'm going to spend today's post announcing some


This Friday I will be revealing the long awaited (at least for me,) cover for BREAKING BEAUTIFUL.

In Friday's post, I'll give you the inside or "outside story" on how my cover came to be and let you know a little about the photographer who worked so hard to please me, my editor, and the art department at Walker/Bloomsbury. AND I may even have a GIVEAWAY!

Book blogger Kari at A GOOD ADDICTION will be helping me with my reveal. The cover will be posted here and on her blog at 8:00 am CST. In the meantime, check out her blog for some fabulous book reviews and contests.

Next, a bit of housekeeping. A while back (I won't say how long ago,) I held a blurb contest. I would FINALLY like to congratulate the winners.

Sarvenez (She wins Kirby Larsen's THE FRIENDSHIP DOLL)

Her Blurb:

Matilda's parents -- like the adults in most of Roald Dahl's books -- are nasty, villainous and altogether dastardly. Which, of course, makes them a joy to read.

Taffy (She wins a signed copy of Angela Morrison's CAYMAN SUMMER)

Her Blurb:

The governess falls for her eccentric and rich employer, who has a dark secret which threatens not only their love but their lives as well


And Katrina (She wins a signed copy of Janette Rallison's MY UNFAIR GODMOTHER)

Her Blurb:

Anne Riley's THE CLEARING left me daydreaming about powerful Druids from throughout the loops of time, and had me weeping over the personal tragedies of family death and schoolroom bullying. From life-and-death to daily trials, Riley's new world feels real and sometimes all too close to home. You'll cheer at the end and clamor for a sequel.

Thank you ladies! I will be contacting you so I know where to send your prize.

Everyone else come back and visit me on Friday!