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Friday, April 13, 2012

Top Ten Signs that you are a "Directioner" Mom

I've done a lot of self-promotion on my blog lately. (Check the counter to the left. We are getting CLOSE to the release of BREAKING BEAUTIFUL).
The "One D" Shrine

But today I decided I'd do something fun and random and possibly embarrassing to my teen age daughter to change things up a bit.

I blogged in February about my now 14-year-old daughter's rock star crush on the band ONE DIRECTION. As I've seen this band sweeping the nation, the world, and my house, I thought it would fun to come up with a David Letterman-style top ten list, so here goes:


10. You know the difference between a "Directioner" and a "Diretionator."

9. You stayed "Up All Night" or at least later than usual to watch Saturday Night Live for the first time in ages, and had to change the channel a couple of times. (Were the skits always so raunchy?)

8.  You have to accommodate your daughter's new eating habits; no spoons and carrots every day in her lunch.

7. You know exactly what time on Saturday morning pre-sale tickets for their 2013 US Tour go on sale.

6. At least one wall of your house is covered with ONE DIRECTION posters.

5. You know exactly where in the world "The Boys" are on their current tour.

4. You refer to them as "The Boys."

3. You're staring to think Harry is cute in a non-creepy-30-something-mom kind of way.

2. You're trying to figure out how to plan a wedding for your daughter that includes five grooms.

1. You have "That's What Makes You Beautiful" constantly running through your head, and it reminds you of your beautiful daughter.
Maybe it's just me, but as fast as this group is sweeping the world I can't be the only "Directioner" mom out there. If you have more to add to this list (and I certainly do) I'd love to hear them.


  1. I knew I was a Directioner Mom when I got upset over Harry dating Taylor Swift! Who does she thinks she is to steal Harry from my precious daughter :-)

  2. This is awesome. I am also a true Directioner Mom. I am, as we speak, signing up for notifications for their next tour, so I can take my 13 yr old daughter---and ME. lol And I will do everything in my power to purchase meet & greet for her, even if means a 2nd mortgage. ;)