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Friday, May 10, 2013

Thank You Teachers

I've kind of fallen off the wagon as far as my thirty day blog experiment goes. I posted on Monday this week, but didn't write any posts Tuesday-Thursday. My simple (and not very good) excuse is, I was working.

It's been a while since I worked a non-mommy, non-writer, job a five full days in a row. It's been even longer since I worked at the same place for a full week. Doing that and then trying to handle anything writing related plus kid running around and church stuff left me totally exhausted. (And forget housework, cooking, or laundry, that just was not happening.)

I am in awe of any one who can write and hold down a another job. And any mom who works outside the home period. And especially working moms. There is a big cushy restful place in heaven for you.

I was working as a para-educator sub so I saw (as I have been seeing) the immense dedication and the huge amount of work that teachers (para-educators included) put in every single day. I was reminded of the huge amounts of  patience and love it takes to be a teacher. Wow.

Today is teacher appreciation day. I wanted to say a big thank you to all the teachers out there, the ones who inspired me, the ones who inspire my kids, and the ones who inspire kids all across our country. You guys deserve so much more appreciation and money and everything else.

It's sad that we live in such a backwards society; one that pays actors and athletes and politicians so much more that we pay the people shaping our future.

And while it's on my mind, thank you to some of my favorite teachers; Mrs. Reeves for being my first ever real teacher (kindergarten), Mrs. Kershaw, for just being a wonderfuly kind person, Mr. Peterson for making me feel like a grown up in sixth grade, Mr. Cook for appreciating my first poetry attempts, Mr. Angel for teaching me to be responsible and take pride in my work, Mrs. Mason for being tough and helping me with a subject I never liked, math, Ms. Leiniger for believing in me, teaching me to believe in myself, and opening my eyes to a wider world, Mr. Turnblom for teaching me to love music and understanding when I chose writing instead, Brother Johnson and Brother Thurgood for making me laugh and feeding my spirit, MS. WARNE, capitalized because she introduced me to great literature and the joy of writing, and because she put up with the most obnoxious all-girls yearbook staff ever. Also college professors, Kay Wilkins, Alan Bosard, and Bob Sink for introducing me to a world of stories and video that expanded my horizons in a direction I didn't know possible.

I know I've forgotten some (probably many), and I know I could fill another page with teachers who have inspired my children, but I'll save that for another day. 

For today I'll just send a grossly inadequate THANK YOU to all teachers for the love and dedication you show every day in the classroom!

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