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Monday, January 3, 2011

Writing Resolutions

It's been more than a week since I posted, but I needed some break time, and reading time, and time to think about my revisions, and chocolate, (lots and lots of chocolate).

May I be among the...okay probably last, to say:

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
*Cue confetti and noise makers*

For me the beginning of the year always brings with it two things to:
1. January is no sugar month for me. This is my yearly ritual for cleaning out the river of glucose that once was my blood. (The cravings are pretty bad right now, so forgive me if words like "chocolate" and "cheesecake" pop up randomly in this post.)

And 2. (I'm being really original here) Resolution time!!! (try to contain your excitement.)

Yes, I know, resolutions are made to be broken. I've even had years where I resolved NOT to make a single resolution, (and then congratulated myself on the depth of my willpower).

But this year as I look back at 2010 for the crazy, wonderful year it was, and all the good news it brought me, especially for my writing career, I can't help being hopeful about what 2011 will bring.

2010 was a blessed and lucky year, but I'm a firm believer that you aren't blessed or lucky without a lot of hard work. I grew up on a farm and the virtues of hard work (and incidentally the values of higher education) were pounded into me at an early age. However, you can work hard all you want, but if you're not working towards a goal, you're working for nothing. (Unless it's to buy some really good cheesecake.)

Okay, sorry, I feel like I'm writing in circles. (And the chocolate stash in the back of the cupboard is calling me.) I will be strong and I will get to the point. In order to achieve something, you must first start with a goal, and unless you write that goal down, it is only a wish. (I read that straight from the instructions in my new Franklin/Covey planner so I know it's true.)

So, with far more ado than I needed (blame it on sugar withdrawals) I present, here, written down for the world to see...

Drum roll please (or tootsie roll, seriously a tootsie roll would be great):

My WRITING Resolutions for 2011
(I specified writing resolutions--so I'm not including the no sugar, get back in shape, keep the house clean stuff.)

  1. Finish my current revisions EARLY and do everything my editor wants me to do to get TIGERSEYE ready to be published.
  2. Complete two full manuscripts.
  3. Fully revise one of my drawer novels.
  4. Blog consistently--at least two posts a week.
  5. Work on a writing project that I'm absolutely passionate about every day. (Even if it's only for five minutes).
Yep that's it, five concrete goals and one "airy-fairy" one. But that last one might be the most important. As writing morphs from a hobby/dream to a job/career, (albeit a dream job), I sometimes have to remind myself that I write because I love it and that I should enjoy and appreciate every single minute that I get to write.

I hope 2011 brings you all sorts of wonderful things.

What are your writing resolutions?

If one of them is to snag a fabulous agent and/or improve your hook and first chapter check out this Writer's Digest webinar with my agent Sara Megibow at Writer's Digest.

If you aren't a writer, what steps are you going to take in 2011 to make your dreams come true?

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