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Friday, September 16, 2011

I HAVE A STORY TO TELL: A Special Girl, A Special Song, and A Night to Remember

I've always had a soft place in my heart for special needs kids. When I was seventeen I started working with Jason, a little boy with cerebral palsy. I was his home health aid, so I spent nearly every day after school and some weekends with him. Jason was seven at the time. During the years I worked with him, I fell in love with Jason. His family became my family. I still keep in touch with them. Jason inspired one of the characters in my book, BREAKING BEAUTIFUL.

I'll write more about Jason later, because today I wanted to share another story about another special kid. I met Brianna about eleven years ago through my church. Her older sister was in my girls group and I was friends with their mom. After they moved away, I lost track of them for years. Thanks to the magic of Facebook I've become reacquainted with her family. I was really touched by this video of Brianna's prom, made by her step-mom. I wanted to share it as my first I HAVE A STORY TO TELL.

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