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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Book Review Postponed

I'm getting ready to jet off (okay I'm driving to this one) to the ANWA (American Night Writer's Association) Northwest Writer's Retreat in Anacortes, Washington, so I don't have time to do the book review I had planned for this week. And I certainly don't want to short-change this one, so next Wednesday I'll be reviewing (with some admitted bias) my sister-in-law, Angela Morrison's new book UNBROKEN CONNECTION. (Review spoiler alert, I loved it!)

Lucky for me, writing skills run on both sides of my family. My sister and fellow writer Kristin Amrine has agreed to fill in for me as a guest blogger for my "Teens Doing Great Things" Friday feature. (She seems to think I focus too much on Washington area teens.) She has a great story to share, and I know that my blog is in good hands while I'm gone.

I'm off to refuel my writing. I promise a full report of my conference on Monday.

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