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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bridge to Peru--Teens Doing a Great Things

This bridge connects our community with the children of Chincha Alta, Peru. In 2007, Chincha Alta was ravaged by an earthquake. Today many families still live in tarp-covered shelters and struggle to meet basic needs, yet the children are as ambitious, as enthusiastic, as intelligent as children anywhere.--Bridge Project 2011 Program.

Nothing makes me so proud to be an Aspire parent as watching the Bridge Project. For the second year in a row, Aspire middle school students have reached out with their with their talents, with their voices, and with their hearts to raise money for those devastated by natural disaster.

Last year the Bridge Project was for victims of the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, this year it was for a sister school in Peru. This project was especially close to the heart of some Aspire Spanish students because they had visited the Grocio Pado School in Peru over the summer. According to Norma Sasson, Aspire Spanish teacher and the trip's organizer the visit was for two reasons: an intercultural exchange of music and dancing and the chance to deliver books, food staples and clothing to children who are still living in makeshift houses. (Quote from Aspire's district webpage. (See the Aspire Spanish blog for details and photos of that trip.)

For three days the Aspire students shared their talents through band and orchestra performances, choir, dance and drama. Their were many individual and small group performances including original songs written and performed by the students. They had put in hours of practice. Every number was very professionally performed. The enthusiasm the kids have for this project shows in their faces and in the quality of their performance.

The Bridge Project also included amazing guest performances by two artists from Lima Peru, Angie Portaro and Marcelo Portaro.

The goal of the Bridge Project was to raise money to purchase computers for Aspire's sister school in Chincha Alta, by the conclusion of the project they had raised over $2,000. For more information on the project or to donate contact Mrs. Sassone at nsassone@nthurston.k12.wa.us or call Aspire at (360) 412-4730.

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