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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Class of 2k12 Launches!!!

Today my Class of 2k12 officially launched!!!



The Class of 2k12 is a group of 20 young adult and middle grade authors whose debut novels come out in 2012. We've joined together to combine marketing efforts, book and speaking events, and to give back to the book community. (Also it's great to have so much support from people who are going through or have gone through the same things that you are.)

You should come check us out. You can find out more about us on:

our fabulous website,

our blog,

our newsletter (put "add me to newsletter" in the subject line),

our facebook page,

and our twitter account.


As part of our launch we're giving away 17 books from the Class of 2k11!!!

If you know of a library that's in need of some great young adult and middle grade books like POPULAR and THE FAERIE RING, please join the discussion on facebook to nominate them.(I have a library in mind, but unfortunately I can't enter.)

I love being part of the Class of 2k12. I can't wait until next year so I can celebrate each launch with some fabulous authors.

For a preview of all of the Class of 2k12 books, check out our group trailer.


  1. Congrats! I'm still trying to find other LDS writers' blogs to follow through ANWA, especially mg/ya sf & fantasy. It's hard using my phone while traveling but hope some of this group will send links via Email or my blog so I can check when I get home.

  2. I love this trailer, and the 2K12 site is awesome. Congrats on the launch! I'm dying to get my hands on these debuts.