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Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Firsts/Friday Favorites--Halloween Costumes

As we head into October my thoughts always turn to Halloween. More specifically, who or what will I be this year. Yes, I realize that I'm in my upper 30s, yes, I realize that I have four kids who need costumes, but I still love to dress up.

Maybe it goes back to my dad. I remember him putting on a sheet, a wig, and sheet rock stilts and terrorizing the neighborhood, (long after he was too old to trick or treat). Or the PTA carnival when my mom, (the PTA president) realized with horror that the ugly woman walking around was my father. I guess I got the dress-up gene from my dad.

The first Halloween costume I remember wearing wasn't spectacular. In fact, looking back on it, it was pretty pitiful, (but I was too young to realize that). I don't remember exactly how old I was. All I remember was that I wanted to be a witch and my sister wanted to be a clown.

My guess is we didn't have extra money for costumes that year, so my mom spent the day decorating paper bag masks for each of us. It didn't occur to me that it was cheap, or that I might have looked silly walking around with a paper bag on my head. I thought my mom was the best artist in the world and I knew she loved us. Because it was October in Idaho, I'm sure the rest of my costume consisted of a huge winter coat, long pants, and maybe boots, but that didn't matter. In my mind, I was the wickedest witch ever.

That Halloween, (though I didn't realize it until much later), my mom taught me that money didn't mater if you had a little imagination and a lot of love.

I asked my friends on Facebook about their first or favorite Halloween costume and these are the comments I got:

Stacey Shaw I think mine was a snow suit and snow boots. (Yes, he's my brother, so he was trick-or-treating in Idaho.)

Rebecca Blanton My favorite was going as the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Hung out in the West Village in NYC and took photos with tourists all night!

Marissa Meyer The first costume I can remember was a jester - my mom made it for me out of all different colors of shiny metallic fabric, bells on the hat and all. (strike up the chorus of AWWs)

Ashlee Patterson Thomas I was a toilet on year, and a skunk another. I always tried to think of different things.

Karen Adair Each of my kids were a cow for their first "walking" Halloween. It started when we had no money to buy a costume and we used a cow print vest my sister had sewn for me. We found a bell to hang on a ribbon around their neck, cut out foam ears attached to one of my headbands, and a pair of ug boots to complete the ensemble. My older ones always looked forward to when the younger ones would wear the costume next. It became a special moment for everyone as they thought about their time wearing it and passing the torch (so to speak). :)

Love the comments! I want to see pictures!

What about all of you? What was your first or favorite Halloween costume???

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