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Friday, October 14, 2011

Do Kids Still Read? Or When Rick Riordan Comes to Town

A couple of years ago I reviewed the Percy Jackson Series and talked about the war it created in my house. I had one set of books and three kids trying to finish the series at once. Somehow, we survived. In the end all the kids had read the books, so we were all winners, and my third child was hooked on reading


My kids still love Rick Riordan I was at the bookstore picking up SON OF NEPTUNE for my daughter (the day it came out), and the clerk asked me if we were going to the Rick Riordan book signing event, I was thrilled. My kids were giddy. (Someday I aspire to inspire giddiness.)

Sponsored by Timberland Regional Library, the Rick Riordan event was the biggest event for a single author that I've ever seen. There was live music and art projects and booksellers and tons and tons of people standing in line to get Rick Riordan's signature. In total there were about 3,000 people who attended the event.


During the event, the librarian for my kids' school and I were talking about whether kids still read. After all, kids are busier than ever, and there are all sorts of other distractions with things like TV, internet, and video games, but if the crowd gathered at this event is any indication, I think we can answer that question with a resounding YES!

Thanks to Timberland Regional Library and Rick Riordan for putting on an amazing event. Thanks to Rick Riordan for inspiring my kids and so many others to read and read and read!

What author or authors inspired you to be a reader?


  1. Whoops! Thanks for letting me know. This is why I have an editor...

  2. I've been getting so insecure for being a teen who's in love with rick riordan's books! D: they're marked as children's, and all their fans seem to be young, but why?! They're so good! I feel out of place :/