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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bake Sales and Fun Fairs and Prom...Oh My!

It's been a busy busy Saturday.

I started the day by helping with a bake sale to raise money for my son's Cub Scout troop so they can go to day camp this summer. I'm happy to say, it came out great. We held it in front of the one of the Wolf Leader's houses, because her neighborhood was having a garage sale. Despite a cold wind and the constant (this is Washington) threat of rain, we made enough money for all the boys to go to camp. Hooray!

The people who bought the treats were especially generous when they found out the money was for the Cub Scouts. There were even a lot of people who came by and donated without taking any goodies. I appreciated the outpouring of support from strangers.

The second event was the fun fair for our school. At the last minute, one of my good friends offered to take my kids for me, and because of the craziness of the day I was thrilled to let her do it. However, I missed going to the school and seeing an event where so many people works together and have fun together, all to support the kids in their community. 

The last event of the evening was chaperoning Mormon Prom--a formal dance for kids who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'll write more about that tomorrow, but the two things that struck me about the evening was: there are some great kids out there, and there are some adults, a lot of adults, who love those kids and would do anything for them.

Today was crazy, but after the events this week in Boston, I was grateful that I got to see how generous people can be with their time, money, and talents and how bright the future of our country will be.

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